It is imperative that the tone is set early. From each employee-- office to field-- and
every subcontractor, we seek excellence at every level.

It's what sets us apart.  The handshake that seals the deal carries as much weight as
the contract that spells out the details.

RCCC's safety program is a point of pride for our organization.  Our Experience
Modification Ratio is 0.86.  The benefit of lower worker's compensation premiums
means lower cost to our customers.

Our goal is to make the monetary advantage enough by itself to justify our relationship
with our customers.  We are committed to offer more for less.

Our conduct is driven by moral principles-- principles that lay a solid foundation of trust
and confidence in our relationships.

These core values not only define who we are—
they are also the reason over 90% of our work is
for repeat customers.
Core Values
1670 Harriman Hwy
Harriman, TN 37748


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